The latest incarceration of Death Toe: Day 1

So I didn’t get a huge amount of notice, but since the blood tests last week and dark mutterings and filthy looks at Death Toe, I knew admissionĀ this week was likely. Just been checked in – somehow magically managed to get a single room instead of a shared one with 10 or so ladies! Very nice surprise, apparently just happened to be the only spare bed šŸ˜® Given that the last few times I was in, I was in a lot of medication-induced pain, I was awake a lot anyway so the ward life kept me amused. This time the plan is to sort out the pain meds so I can hopefully sleep for the first time in months – we have started this wonderful plan off with a higher dose of tramadol for tonight and I think tomorrow the idea is to try oramorph, or liquid morphine.

To clarify for any one thinking that sounds dramatic, I am currently painkillered up to my eyeballs on – pretty much everything except oramorph… and am still having to type this in few line increments as I need to get up and pace around constantly (in a very limpy manner!) in a sweaty painy drugged up mess. Thankfully all of the gentlemen in here are at least 60, so I am not feeling under any undue pressure to smell great. Heck the tramadol isn’tĀ even making me feel any different really, it just seems that it is a type of pain that doesn’t really respond to pain relief!

On the same ward as the previous two times this year, so I know the routines, most of the staff – and a fair few familiar faces among the other inmates! Ā As I got admittedĀ later on in the day, I arrived toĀ the sad news that I had missed dinner (I actually quite like hospital food… See also the excellent song by the same name!!) and had to be patient (I am actually having a giggle at this – the painkillers are definitely making me funnier – at least to me) through the usualĀ process of the evening shift change. As per usual, half my notes are somewhere else, so they had just enough details on me to check me in and sort out night time prescriptions, gave me a cup of tea and have let me settle down early.

My fave lady (M) from the last time is here still – or back, not sure, and she is an absolute treat – she wheels up and down the corridor singing and has lovely chats with everyone. She properly makes the place a little bit more sparkly šŸ™‚

The gentleman that yelled “Kathy! Kath! Kath! Kathy where are you?!” from last time appears to have been discharged. Very thankful, as you can train yourself to try and ignore quite a lot, but your ears still perk up when someone is calling your name!

I think the star of this particular spell inside is going to be a gentleman over the hall called B. He has been the focus ofĀ several bizarre arguments so far, but the one I heard most recently went something as follows…

Nurse: “B can you please get back to bed now? What are you up to?”

B: “I was trying to disconnect this pipe. None of you has any plumbing training, I can tell just from looking at you all. Bloody novices! That’s the one. Its got all the telephones and everything depending on it!”

Nurse: “Can you – He’s disconnected his cannula again….”

From the lack of surprise and sheer despondency in her voice, I gathered this is a fairly regular occurrence. The patience and ability to have the same conversation again and again with very ill and confused people that the staff on this ward demonstrate is incredible šŸ™‚

In my more fancier flights of thought, I like to imagine Death Toe and I are in a single room to prevent any insurgent tactics or grassrootsĀ rebellion, but in reality I am probably the youngest and easiest patient they ever have. I can feed myself, wash myself, clothe myself etc… I know why I am in here, who is treating me and what drugs I am on… I also don’t make a habit of removing medical equipment from my person and most importantly, I am not confused and scared.

Tomorrow I am getting a blood test with breakfast – for TB – maybe because I had all my immunisation jabs in Scotland and records aren’t on file? and it is getting COURIERED to Oxford straight away so it can be checked ‘immediately’!! I am at a loss as to why this needs to happen, but presumably there is some very important reasoning behind it. I will be more curious after some sleep perhaps…

EDIT: TB test apparently standard pre rituximab protocol! So any dormant TB doesn’t go on a rampage once my B cells are gettingĀ munched šŸ˜„

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