:D Day 19 – contact!!!

A super duper short one really this time – iloprost is back on and I feel like a sweaty tomato with a headache threatening. Had a wonderful morning as the Dr in Cambridge was on the phone to my Dr during morning rounds and the avenue of communication has now been established – and just in time for the weekend!

Death Toe is still infected, so more iv benzyl penicillin and also throwing some clarithromycin at me twice daily now. It isn’t my fave.

Also confirmed that Death Toe CAN’T just be lopped off, as had been implied by horrid vascular surgeon man, as a) active infection and b) horrendous circulation to foot. Have accepted that this is the case for now…

Cambridge doc had a third suggestion to add to the cryo and anti-phospholipid syndrome – cutaneous PAN – also a rather rare kind of small vessel vasculitis. Biopsy on Monday to test for that option!

Had Ki visit and wheel me at top speed down the long corridors which was AWESOME fun and then also had my inside-friend help me finish off the monumentous task of unravelling the wool!


Parents down to visit and have delivered needles so I will be trying to knit tomorow…

Horribly wiped now. Enjoy a picture of Firday fish and chips hehe! Thanks to all for their congratulations today. I am a much happier Kath. Just also a very sweaty one :/




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