Kath goes on a marvellous adventure to top off yet another week of medical shit and Death Toe gets another new friend.

So I had another post I was working on in ten min chunks for the last… week now urgh! – but honestly being awake (and not in a hospital) long enough to type has proved difficult… It essentially went blah blah medical shit blah blah hospital blah blah toe still falling off. Much like this one, except today has a surprise fun twist which is in real time. So has added drama n stuff.

Today I woke at 8ish, had a shower, banana, some drugs… Potted the rest and went to get Death Toe’s dressing changed. A now twice weekly fun event on my schedule. Until the little shit falls off anyway. But! Never fear! Someone will surely die to take his place 😮 For as well as Fester (on RIGHT big toe), today I have noticed ‘annoying new guy’ on LEFT big toe! An exact mirror image of Fester, except currently minus the infection. I’m sure Fester can give him tips. Could call him Gomez I suppose? I cannot express how fecking annoying it is to have your own toes persistently try and die for NO REASON. STOP. IT.

Theeeeen… Went to train station. A ten min walk that took me a panicked limpy 50 mins. In a LOT of pain as freshly changed dressing. And if I had given in and stopped for just one more swearing breather I would have missed it as I was only just in time by a minute. That is the furthest I’ve walked since September and it was horrible and Death Toe has been screaming at me all damned day as a result. Got the train (admirably well) to Carlisle, via Lancaster. Then got a taxi to hospital. Had a very reassuring lovely first meeting with a consultant that essentially went blah blah medical shit blah blah, the upshot being I’m a complete mess but he is looking into it. Had about a gazillion blood tests done anyway and got to flash all the stupid rash, ulcers, mottled stupid twatting skin… I asked about work and he was pretty amazed… Turns out just because your fit note expires doesn’t mean your consultant (or for that matter GP) were/are thinking you should be at work. Major duh moment for me 😦

Got taxi back to train feeling very tired but like I had achieved. Carlisle to Lancaster went well. Had call from GP and discussed above. As well as re work, seen as too much of an infection/hospitalisation risk for INR nurses to agree to monitor me at GPs. Despite Addenbrookes re requesting. So until I stabilise got to go to hospital several times a week 😣 Cannot even begin to describe how frustrating that is re travel organisation. I can’t drive right now and the GP surgery is about 100m away!! But also so horribly depressing, fresh on top of finding Gomez this morning, to know that a panel of practice nurses and my GP that met today all think I’m doomed to imminent recurrent infections right now, until this sodding drug starts working.

Speaking of which… Between him and dermatologist friend, horrible itchy rash bastard has been determined by consultant to almost certainly be an allergic response to the ritux 😕 Not a BAD one by any means – and since doubling the antihistamines a few days ago it is a LOT better… but it was super itchy and sore and I’ll need monitoring in case next dose does anything worse!! Gross pic for y’all without a toe for once. When I get signal anyway. Imagine you have fallen into the itchiest nettle bed ever and it is all over your skin and under your skin and inside your BRAIN and probably also in your frikkin eyes. Or it is at least around your eyes. So yep. Serious drugs are not fun, don’t get sick kids. OW!

Had a wait at Lancaster. Got next train. Started reading awesome book with beautiful tasting words and phrases – Daughter of Smoke and Bone – its only taken me… a few months to actually be able to read!! The focussing thing seems to have pretty much sorted itself, as confirmed as well two days ago by opthalmologist – compared to eye test done in November I bossed it! Although still not back to normal :/ I am blaming the pred defo.


…and fell asleep. Woke up to announcement, confirmed rapidly by other passengers… arriving in Carlisle, next and final stop will be Glasgow.



Got off train (in a hurry!).

Not sure how I did this. Have had to redo the entire sodding journey from Carlisle to Lancaster. Covered it four times now today!! JUST back home now. Two and a half hours later than planned. Shout out to Dad of Fave who came and picked me up, two and a half hours later than planned. What a hero!

Have a giggle on me anyway. We bloody well all need one with that absolute atrocity of a buffoon inaugurated today!

[Featured pic was going to be a spotted fish but now it is my disgusted face as the man in front of me for several stops Carlisle to Lancaster (second time) had the plague and kept coughing, so now I will have the plague and I will die because I have no functioning immune system. Shame I don’t owe anyone nasty any money]

[Really, in all of the lovely stories in the world, me making an arse of my return journey would have served a higher purpose… and because I was reading lovely words, I was half wondering if I would have a magical moment on the fated second train journey and meet my soulmate… Or find a million quid… Or a box of kittens. Sadly, I can confirm that not a single one of those things has happened]



4 thoughts on “Kath goes on a marvellous adventure to top off yet another week of medical shit and Death Toe gets another new friend.

  1. Oh my Kath. what a time you have had!! Your resilience is bloody marvellous , take my hat off to you!!! Re -falling asleep on the train and ending up at Carlisle—–same sort of thing used to happen to me –travelling home by bus after a night shift!! —I do hope you will have better luck with Fester and Gonzales!!! —–My Hb, was still low have to go for a repeat test!! Great to get all your news despite all your pain, worries and other problems!! Thanks so much!!!


    • Thank you Peggy ☺ If only it was just a matter of falling asleep that had caused the problem haha – I had got on the wrong train in Lancaster going in the reverse direction than intended 😄 I basically reversed the journey I had just done!! Many thanks xx


  2. asparkinthesand says:

    This had me in stitches! Which seems cruel when you’re in pain. Brilliant story telling and as an avid train reader I know that feeling of something fated about to happen. My novel is about the train journey between barrow and Lancaster, when I get round to working on it again. It’s heavy as lead though so I’m taking a break. Going back to read more posts now. X


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