A few months before starting this (March 2016 ish), I was diagnosed with cryoglobulinaemic vasculitis, after having being under investigation for various symptoms for approx. a year and a half. I found myself online a lot looking for some support, as well as writing almost daily as a coping strategy – writings which I referred to almost from the beginning as The Adventures of Death Toe. That diagnosis got pulled about five months later, due to my inability to give consistent positive results to land a firm diagnosis, but this form (and others) of vasculitis remain firm contenders for being at least part of the puzzle.

The first thing that became apparent is that vasculitis is a very rare and serious condition. There are very few online sources out there that I found helpful or that I could relate to – even fewer when you narrow it down to the UK only. Having said that, I have since found the wonderful Vasculitis UK facebook support group!! With writing being something I love doing (particularly when high on painkillers!), I decided to give writing a blog a crack. The aim being to make myself a venting space and maybe, one day, provide a bit of amusement and support to someone else in the same boat…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. john ellis says:

    hi Katherine, great to have your dad here for a couple of days adventuring in the wilderness ( such is life) love from John and Veronika


    • Hello! Nice surprise 🙂 Dad did say he was hoping to meet up with you both! I do, of course, expect the obligatory pictures by email please 😀 Especially any of Dad anywhere within 100 miles of interesting wildlife!! Hope you have a lovely catch up and that he behaves himself! Love Kath xx


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